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Flying, driving, shooting and riding days out all over North West UK

Counties: Cheshire || Cumbria || Greater Manchester || Isle Of Man || Lancashire || Merseyside

icon Flying lessons..in light aircraft, helicopters, microlights...

icon Pleasure flights..helicopters, airplanes, balloons & vintage airliners

icon Hot air balloons..cares and worries drift away like thistledown

icon Silent flight..gliding, hang gliding and paragliding - fuel free fun

icon Fly for less than £125!..sky high fun, rock bottom price

icon Junior drivers..start 'em young, give 'em fun, make 'em safe

icon Off road and dirty..rallying, 4x4 training, quadbikes, and mud buggies

icon Sports cars and racing cars..the adrenalin rush of your life!

icon Get on Target..clay pigeons, paintballing, archery and others!

icon Closer to nature..everything for the horse lover

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