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icon  Airfields, heli-pads and gliding sites in NorthWest and what you can do there

Barton in Cheshire

27 Helicopter pleasure flights  + 


10 Helicopter trial lessons  + 

Blackpool in Lancashire

19 Light aircraft trial lessons  + 


10 Helicopter pleasure flights  + 


6 Helicopter trial lessons  + 

Cark in Cumbria

2 Skydiving Experiences  + 

Carlisle in Cumbria

16 Light aircraft trial lessons  + 

Carnforth in Lancashire

6 Helicopter pleasure flights  + 

Chester(Rugby Club) in Cheshire

3 Hot air balloon flights  + 

Clayton-le-Dale in Lancashire

10 Helicopter pleasure flights  + 

Dalefoot in Cumbria

2 Paragliding Experiences  + 


1 Aviation Improver Course  + 

Ellesmere Port in Cheshire

2 Flight simulators  + 

Formby in Lancashire

11 Microlight trial lessons  + 


2 Flight training packages  + 

Hawarden in Cheshire

8 Light aircraft trial lessons  + 

John Lennon Liverpool in Merseyside

10 Light aircraft trial lessons  + 


2 Flight training packages  + 

Kirkbride in Cumbria

11 Helicopter pleasure flights  + 

Lancaster in Lancashire

1 Microlight trial lesson  + 

Liverpool in Merseyside

10 Light aircraft trial lessons  + 


7 Helicopter trial lessons  + 

Merseyside (Ince Blundell) in Merseyside

11 Helicopter pleasure flights  + 

Nantwich in Cheshire

6 Hot air balloon flights  + 

Preston in Lancashire

1 Helicopter pleasure flight  + 

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